Smartwatch A Very Useful Gadget.

Smartwatches are available since 1982 from several brand and technology. some are based on the os2 or android system like for example : Pulsar, Seiko, Timex, Motorola, Samsung, Sony SmartWatch, Intel Smartwatch, Apple Watch, Garmin, TomTom, LG, Asus ZenWatch, Acer Liquid, Huawei Watch.

Since their appearance their development has not stopped as calculator remote control translator or diary to finish today as a connected computer gadget and filled with telephony sending functionality and receive messages and send and receive messages connected to the internet to send and receive emails and even browse the web and the location function
GPS or AGPS it is possible to locate thanks to the integrated GPS chipset. and camera functions. connectivity is via Infrared Bluetooh Wifi or GSM GPRS EDGE or 3G 4G LTE. it can be paired with a smartphone or home network you can install almost any application you want. the expectations of users and manufacturers are encouraging in the medical field of rescue. emergency call will be automatically
the smartwatch is a bracelet always in contact with the body the blood pressure sensor and heartbeat making sure that the follow-up of a patient and in real time by the medical team what will allow the intervention in time to save people’s lives, and also facilitate the localization of patients who suffer from memory or Alzheimer’s disorder. Other advantage that if it is connected to your phone you will never lose it when the phone is away and is no longer available out of range your watch will warn you. opening the door of your home by NFC technology starting your car without keys access to the internet account buying without credit card and many options to discover every day by yourself.
Smartwatch is a very useful gadget that I think will quickly take a place in our life and lifestyle.

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